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 2nd Energy Managers Serbia Conference

 WEDNESDAY, 24TH APRIL, 9.50 AM – 4.00 PM

Fee: Free of charge, registration is mandatory
Language: Serbian/ English
Target groups: Certified energy managers, Local governments representatives, Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, Academia, Business sector, Industry sector
Core message:
Energy efficiency is globaly appreciated as the world’s first and greenest fuel that enables human popullation to meet the present energy needs without compromising the needs of the future generations. It not only helps to achieve energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reduction but also ensures energy-system security, supports economic growth and enhances social development. In the Republic of Serbia, energy efficiency policy is created in accordance with the Law on the efficient use of energy and the energy savings obligation which Serbia has undertaken as a member of the Energy Community. The key role in the implementation of energy efficiency policy has the energy management system, whose operational introduction started in April 2016. Units of local self government with populations exceeding 20.000 and companies whose total annual energy consumption exceeds boundaries imposed by Ministry of Mining and Energy are mandatory reporting entities of the energy management system, meaning that are obliged to appoint the sufficient number of certified energy managers who are in charge of fulfillment energy savings targets at the end. The tremendous importance of energy efficiency has motivated REECO company to dedicate a full day conference to certified energy managers and their partners.
Moderator: Mr. Predrag Božović, PhD – Energy manager  


9:30 Registration
9:50 Welcome and introduction
  Ms. Antonela Solujić, Head of the Department for Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia
Moderator Mr. Predrag Božović, PhD – Energy manager
10:05 New financie mechanisms from the Rulebook for Budget fund allocation for improvement of energy efficiency of the Republic of Serbia
Ms. Aleksandra Puljević, Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia
10:30 Key note speech 1:
LED light sources and optimized sensor control
Mr. Saša Jelača, SELBI Ligting d.o.o. – Zumtobel Group
11:10 Official Opening of the trade fair RENEXPO®
VIP Trade Fair Guided Tour
12.50 Key note speech 2:
Power Quality Problems – Causes and Solutions
Mr. Sebastian Absenger, TDK Electronics AG, Germany
13.30 New support for renewable energy sources in the district heating system,
Mr. Bojan Bogdanović, Renewable District Energy EBRD
13:55 Natural cooling fluids – ammonia vs CO2, word of the moderator
14:00 New refrigeration technology – ammonia is an old refrigerant of the future
Mr. Vladimir Sovilj, Frigoria doo, Novi Sad
14:25 Vision for the future – CO2 cooling systems for supermarkets
Mr. Goran Kesić, Soko Inženjering doo
14:50 Nearly Zero Energy Building Serbia – Elektrovat office building
Mr. Dejan Jovašević, Elektrovat, Čačak
15:20 Planning of cogeneration power plants
Mr. Winfried Schmidt and Mr. Sristian Athanasovici, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe Gmbh, Germany
15:40 Energy Efficiency and Municipal Energy Management in Serbia – Project MEEMP
Ms. Slađana Jevremović, Expert for energy efficiency in municipalities
16:00 Closing remarks


Bronze Sponsor:  TDK Electronics AG
Bronze Sponsor: Zumtobel Group
Support:  Ministry mining and energy
Partner:  EBRD
Organizer: REECO Austria GmbH REECO