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 6th International Biogas Serbia Conference

thursday, 14th may 2020;  1:00 – 4:00 pm

Deadline for submission
9th of March 2020 
Target groups: State authorities, professional associations, environmental agencies, plant and equipment manufacturers, consulting engineers, project developers, and research institutes, banks, energy plant operators, energy plant owners, farmers, livestock, dairy industry, food industry, universities students, media etc
The aim of event: The feed in tariff for renewable energy producers, still in force in Serbia until the end of 2019, provided farming, diary and food industry the opportunity to upgrade both environmental and economic standards. Biogas power generation incentives resulted in investment and plant constructions since 2016, contributing mostly to manor waste management in Serbia. Comparing to installed capacity of 5MW built until 2016, enormous rise was noted in 2018, with 20MW of new biogas plants. Current price varies from 15.4 up to 18 c€/kWh.
The conference will provide market information and investment opportunities, future plans and strategies, as well as regulatory measures for improvement of environmental and economic aspects of production.

Main Topics

Benefits of using biogas in production processes from the aspect of environmental protection
Side products of proceeding industry as a resource for biogas energy production
Management of digestate – from cost to profit
Food waste processing
Biogas from manure and resource management
Circular economy of biogas tackeling scarce resources and climate change
Modern and efficient small and mid-scale biogas plants – key factors for economic and successful operation
Industry achievements, new trends and technologies (incl fuel cell from methane)
Efficient biogas based cogeneration
Serbian and EU framework Experience of developed biogas countries – steps after biogas market boom

Support: Ministry of Mining and Energy Ministry of Environmental Protection of Serbia   
Organizer: REECO REECO Austria GmbH