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6th International Hydropower Conference Western Balkans

 Challenges and opportunities for the sector within the region

WEDNESDAY, 24TH APRIL, 9.30 AM – 1.45 pM

Fee: Free of charge, registration is mandatory
Target groups: Energy providers, Project developers, Engineers, State and local authorities, Consultants, HPP owners, Private and institutional investors, Energy agencies, Equipment manufacturers, Nature protection organisations, Media
Background information: Since adopting incentive measures for hydro power generation in 2009, more than 100 small hydropower plants have been installed in Serbia. Approximately 10+ SHPP of average capacity 500KW are installed per year. While there is 390 small hydropower plants in the Western Balkans, 90% of all HPP, they only produce 3-5% of the total hydropower generation. Most of the hydropower energy and capacity in the region is delivered by the large hydropower plants. These in turn demonstrate an increasing need for rehabilitation and local governments are making refurbishment projects with integrated energy efficiency and environmental remediation measures the first priority for future interventions. Further dialogue is opened on nature conservation, and negative effects of SHPPs. How can future HP installation coexhist with the nature? What are the governmental future plans for SHPP development? Will the operation of existing HP be limited? What compromising solution can be offered, which will satisfy both biodiversity and HP energy generation. Is current EU policy framework providing solutions? What is the situation in countries of the Western Balkans region? What technical solutions are offered?
The aim of event: After 5 years in the Western Balkans and the annual forum held on November 2018 in Salzburg, Austria, REECO will again gather the regional key market players and international industry and investors. REECO in cooperation with local authorities, associations and international associations bring together relevant speakers in lively discussions. The aim of the event is to show a wide audience the developments happening in the hydropower industry in Southeastern Europe, to cultivate old contacts and establish new ones. Speakers from various countries with report on the development of the hydropower sector, show best practice examples, and their latest innovations and challenges. In addition, you can discuss common tasks and challenges in order to further advance the hydropower field.
9:30 Registration
10:00 Welcome and Introduction
Welcome by Mr. Johann-Georg Roehm, Dipl.Ing., REECO International
Introduction by Moderator Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Gajić 

BLOCK 1: Legal framework and Environment

10:15 Introduction by Ministry of Mining and Energy
10:35 Compliance of SHPP projects in the Western Balkans region with international standards: from challenge to opportunity
Mr. Dragutin Nenezic/ CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
10:55 Hydro Power Europe
EU-funded Horizon 2020 project Hydropower–Europe
Dr. Mario Bachhiesl and Dr. Hendrik Multhaupt, VGB PowerTech e.V.(International technical association for generation and storage of power and heat)
11:10 Digitalization Barometer Tool for Hydropower Operators – First Results
Dr. Mario Bachhiesl and Dr. Hendrik Multhaupt, VGB POwerTech (International technical association for generation and storage of power and heat)
11:30 Official Opening Ceremony in the trde fair Forum
Welcome words
Energy Talk – Green Investments
VIP Trade Fair Tour

BLOCK 2: Market, Financing and Investment Opportunities

13:30 Current experiences in SHP Investment in Serbia compernig to Europe
Mr. Dragan Josić, National Association of Small Hydropower Plants

BLOCK 3. Small Hydropower Western Balkans Round Table

  Sustainable development of Small Hydropower Challanges
Background Information: Regulating the energy transition process in the Western Balkans region in line with several categories of international standards, including the UN and Energy Community, as well as international financial institutions recently became the subject of significant social disagreements regarding the SHPP projects implementation and compatibility with the goals of sustainable development. A small hydropower round table in support of this delicate topic with members of most relevant institutions will follow up on the conference.
 Content and Objectives:  As a central hub for all Western Balkans Countries, representatives from hydropower associations, industry chambers, administion and ministries from Western Balkans have chosen to meet in Belgrade in order to define common interests and take further steps in improving the market conditions for the hydropower sector. Objective of this meeting is to inform representatives about the political opportunities at national levels, to promote the interests of the Western Balkans hydropower sector and show what national associations and institutions can do in support.
Moderator: Mr. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Gajić
13:30 Representatives of Western Balkans Countries (Associations and Institutions)
Hosting country – Serbia

• Ministry of Mining and Energy
• Ministry of Environmental Protection
• Directorate for Water
• Association of SHP

Participating coutries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia

Language:  Serbian 
Support: Ministry of Mining and Energy of Republic of Serbia 
Organizer: REECO REECO Austria GmbH