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Welcoming speech of Ambassadors


© Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Belgrade

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very pleased that RENEXPO® Water & Energy 2018 is once again providing a platform for businesses, experts and decision makers to meet, thus fostering knowledge exchange, active dialogue and match making in various fields of green development.

Enhancing the use of renewable energy resources, energy efficiency and sustainable water management are areas of great importance for Germany, for Serbia and its neighbours, as well as for cooperation between our countries.

Energy transition has a long tradition in Germany. Today, it has become a growth market providing new professions and business opportunities in many other countries, too. Development has been rapid, and as a result the focus has shifted from promoting renewables to establishing a level playing field on the energy market, taking into account all costs to our economies.

Working towards EU membership, Serbia has embarked on this path as well. German development cooperation has so far made available more than 1 billion euros for energy and environment-related projects supporting this transition: strengthening energy efficiency in public buildings, developing a sustainable bioenergy market and building up efficient water and waste water networks are examples of how GIZ and KfW Development Bank have been joining forces with Serbian partners.

German businesses with the know-how and technology to implement the energy transition and sustainable water management are also valuable partners. Green development thus generates opportunities to further strengthen economic ties – a key pillar of German-Serbian relations, since Germany is Serbia’s number one trading partner, almost 400 German companies are active in Serbia and German investments since 2000 add up to more than 1.9 billion euros.

RENEXPO® Water & Energy 2018 is an important contribution to introducing technology, fostering good practice and raising awareness of the benefits of green development.

I welcome the selection of Germany as official partner country this year and wish you all the best for RENEXPO® Water & Energy 2018 in Belgrade.

Axel Dittmann

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Serbia


Ladies and Gentlemen, exhibitors and visitors,

Allow me to welcome you to the RENEXPO® Water & Energy Western Balkans 2018 of which the Netherlands is once again a proud participant!
Bearing in mind global challenges, such as the depletion of fossil fuels and the threat of climate change, it is more important than ever to maintain the drive to increasingly utilize sustainable energy resources and to continue to explore innovative ways of engaging with the world’s water.

The Dutch have taken on and embraced this challenge, using our centuries-long experience of working with nature to find solutions that will not only contribute to the preservation of our environment, but will also uncover sustainable and limitless energy sources for future generations.

This is why we develop reliable, affordable, publicly accepted, sustainable and competitive energy solutions, aimed at reducing fossil fuel dependency and tackling climate change. Also for the Serbian economy, a shift to innovative, more efficient and green technology – combined with a reduction of external energy dependency – is the only way to ensure sustainable competitiveness on the global scene.

The Netherlands is also the world leader in water-management. Over the centuries, we have mastered the art of flood protection, water supply and water treatment. Climate change, expanding economies, and urbanization are putting the world’s delta populations at risk. The Netherlands is a major supplier of sustainable systems for the production and supply of water and for the collection, treatment and reintroduction of “used” water into the system.

This year, our companies will once again be showcasing some of these advanced technologies in Serbia and will be very interested in finding opportunities to cooperate, invest and innovate in this wonderful country.

I hope you will enjoy the fair and I encourage you to get in closer contact with our amazing Dutch companies at our ‘’Holland’’ pavilion!

Henk van den Dool

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia


Dear exhibitors, visitors, ladies and gentlemen,

I’m honored to welcome you to the Israeli national booth at RENEXPO Water&Energy Western Balkans 2018 conference and exhibition.
Israel has long played a major role in the Cleantech field, evolving from a nation of limited natural resources to a significant player in global sustainability.
In the last decade, Israel is paving a way towards becoming a significant supplier of natural gas.

The extent of the Israeli water industry exports stands at approximately 1.4 billion dollars annually and is mainly related to emitter products for agriculture, water management solutions and treatment but also includes other fields. Over 600 companies operate in this area including approximately 100 start-up companies dealing in a variety of products and technologies.

In the subject of wastewater treatment, purification and water reuse in agriculture and industry Israel has the sole experience in the world. Israel has been reusing its wastewater for agricultural irrigation for over 60 years and now reuses more than 75% of its wastewater which makes it a global leader.
You’ll be able to get acquainted with some of these technologies in direct contact with companies: Neoplast which represents Odis fyltering, Avital representing Plasson and other.
Hereby I’m inviting you to join our booth and explore opportunities for cooperation.

Alona Fisher Kamm

Ambassador of Israel to Serbia