October 9, 2021


Sustainable and More Competitive EU Battery Value Chain

The European Commission and Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) have signed an MOU to signify the launch of BATT4EU. This is a co-programmed partnership with Horizon Europe that brings a breakthrough in achieving a more sustainable and competitive EU industrial battery value chain.

BATT4EU is a co-programmed public-private partnership that seeks to develop a European research and innovation system for batteries with mobile and …

Sustainable Planets

Development of a Stand-Alone Synergy System for Clean Water Production

Blue Power Synergy, a Belgium company, is looking to develop stand-alone renewable synergy systems that produce both electricity and clean water. To achieve climate change, there is a need for zero-polluting technologies. Blue Power Synergy has been thinking differently by developing systems that deliver energy and purified water.
The energy production in remote and developing regions and islands is from fossil resources. Not only is this expensive but it also pollutes the environment. Hence, there is a need to combine various natural resources such as solar and wind with water purification systems to solve the issues of clean water….