October 20, 2021

Ecotechnology News

Is Production for Stand-Alone Energy and Clean Water Possible?

A company in Belgium, Blue Power Synergy, has been working on developing a stand-alone renewable energy system that will produce both electricity and clean water. To promote climate change, there is a demand for technologies that have no pollution. This is where renewable energy comes in handy since it is non-polluting and it can deliver energy and purified water.
Fossils resources are mostly used in remote locations as an energy source. However, a challenge with this type of energy production is that it is expensive and can impact the environment. For this reason, Blue Power Synergy began its research and development in 2016 to …

Sustainable Planets

Osprey Charging is Set to Open 150 Rapid Electric Charging Hubs in Europe

Osprey Charging has announced plans to build 150 high-powered EV hubs across the UK by 2025. The charging network pioneer is looking to install about 1500 150-175KW charging hubs across the sites adjacent to motorways and on strategic A-roads to reduce EV charging anxiety.
According to the CEO of Osprey Charging, Ian Johnston, the electric vehicle market is booming, making sales of over 117% annually. He also notes that there is an increase in the adoption of electric vehicles and purchasing a new diesel or petrol car will be unlikely in less than 9 years. Following this, Johnston believes that there is a need for the public charging infrastructure to remain ahead of the curve.