October 11, 2021


Innovative Technology Intensifies Organic Solar Cells Performance

Researchers from the Kaunas University of Technology have come up with a novel technology that can boost the efficiency and performance of organic solar cells. Organic solar cells consist of elements such as sulfur, nitrogen, fluorine, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.
These organic photovoltaic elements are cheap, plentiful, lighter, and more malleable. Nevertheless, these elements are lacking in proficiency when compared to other photovoltaic technologies such as perovskite, tandem solar cells, and silicone.
Development of Organic Solar Cells
In 2018, a team of Lithuanian chemists working from Kaunas …


Recent Innovations to Increase the Sustainability of Renewable Energy in the Future

Solar and wind energy are deployed across the world as most countries embrace clean energy. This energy covered 10% of the electricity demand in the world during the first half of last year. However, there are still limitations to clean energy and its expansion considering that coal still produces a third of the world’s energy.
Fortunately, some innovations could help to reduce these barriers and make renewable energy more sustainable.
Operating Solar During the Day and at Night
One of the barriers to solar energy is that it can only be generated in the daytime. Furthermore, the photovoltaic panels do not store the …

Sustainable Planets

Call for Ban of the Wind Turbine Blades in Landfills in Europe

A European industry group for wind energy, WindEurope has called for a ban on the disposal of decommissioned wind turbine blades in Europe by 2025. The industry group’s CEO, Giles Dickson, and the General Director of AEE, Juan Virgilio Marquez advocated for this new legislation.
According to Giles Dickson, the move will help to fast-track the development of sustainable recycling technologies. He appealed with the European Commission to propose a European approach saying that Australia, Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands have a landfill ban already.
The proposal for the European-wide ban comes after several reputable companies in the wind energy industry- such as Aker, GE, and Vestas have announced their plans to enhance wind turbines blades recycling and recovery. …