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Recent Innovations to Increase the Sustainability of Renewable Energy in the Future

Solar and wind energy are deployed across the world as most countries embrace clean energy. This energy covered 10% of the electricity demand in the world during the first half of last year. However, there are still limitations to clean energy and its expansion considering that coal still produces a third of the world’s energy.
Fortunately, some innovations could help to reduce these barriers and make renewable energy more sustainable.
Operating Solar During the Day and at Night
One of the barriers to solar energy is that it can only be generated in the daytime. Furthermore, the photovoltaic panels do not store the …

Sustainable Planets

Call for Ban of the Wind Turbine Blades in Landfills in Europe

A European industry group for wind energy, WindEurope has called for a ban on the disposal of decommissioned wind turbine blades in Europe by 2025. The industry group’s CEO, Giles Dickson, and the General Director of AEE, Juan Virgilio Marquez advocated for this new legislation.
According to Giles Dickson, the move will help to fast-track the development of sustainable recycling technologies. He appealed with the European Commission to propose a European approach saying that Australia, Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands have a landfill ban already.
The proposal for the European-wide ban comes after several reputable companies in the wind energy industry- such as Aker, GE, and Vestas have announced their plans to enhance wind turbines blades recycling and recovery. …


Sustainable and More Competitive EU Battery Value Chain

The European Commission and Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) have signed an MOU to signify the launch of BATT4EU. This is a co-programmed partnership with Horizon Europe that brings a breakthrough in achieving a more sustainable and competitive EU industrial battery value chain.

BATT4EU is a co-programmed public-private partnership that seeks to develop a European research and innovation system for batteries …

Sustainable Planets

Development of a Stand-Alone Synergy System for Clean Water Production

Blue Power Synergy, a Belgium company, is looking to develop stand-alone renewable synergy systems that produce both electricity and clean water. To achieve climate change, there is a need for zero-polluting technologies. Blue Power Synergy has been thinking differently by developing systems that deliver energy and purified water.
The energy production in remote and developing regions and islands is from fossil resources. Not only is this expensive but it also pollutes the environment. Hence, there is a need to combine various natural resources such as solar and wind with water purification systems to solve the issues of clean water….

Sustainable Planets

Development of a Ground-Breaking Wind Turbine System

American Wind Inc. a company that is in Huntsville, Alabama has developed a state-of-the-art turbine system that is designed to change the wind turbine industry. Unlike other wind turbine systems that use bigger turbines from the point of use, this unique system uses power generation at the point of use.
What Drives Innovation?
Generally, innovation comes as a result of need. As for American Wind Inc, the need for innovation was a result of a violent storm that happened in the southeastern United States on 27th April 2011. Dubbed the worst storm in the history of the United States, the storm involves 360 tornadoes in just 24 hours.

Green Energy

Ways to Attain the Full Potential of Ocean Energy

The ocean energy industry in Europe has made plans to facilitate the deployment of 100GW of production capacity in 2050. This deployment will meet 10% of electricity demand, which will cater to approximately 94 million households.
Ocean Energy Europe, which is the largest network comprising of ocean energy professionals worldwide, plays a key role in ensuring a green and sustainable future for Europe. It features more than 120 organizations such as industrialists, research institutes, and leading utilities that come together to achieve the potential of the ocean energy sector in Europe.
Here is what the Policy Director for Ocean Energy Europe, Donagh Cagney had to say about ocean energy attaining its potential of ensuring a carbon-free future.